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Here we are. The last day of summer. It seemed so short to me, this particular one. Maybe because I had more fun than ever with my friends, I went out almost everyday, I have travelled in special places.
I'm so clumsy that I don't even get to post my outfits in time around here! My little Vaio is stuffed with all kinds of photographs but I have chosen today to show you my last COLOR BLOCK, at least for this summer.

It was my first day in Budapest (Oh God, I'm such a horrible blogger, I forgot about keeping you updated when I was in Budapest!) and I decided back then to play with my H&M ruffled top. It has this special color and the fabric is just perfect, but I haven't worn it more than 5 times because I have received it last summer, when my wardrobe was quite poor. I remebered right 2 days before my trip that I had such thing as a mauve top. Now, I know the flats don't quite fit but they were the only ones unpacked in the afternoon we arrived. The denim harem pants were my favorite jeans for the summer, I think I might have posted back in July a look with them.

Now I beleive you have all noticed THE bag. Remember the post with my oversized clutch from Wholesale? I have stated back then I got 2 bags. This is the other one and I don't know which one is my favorite, honestly! It's spacious and it has this bright bright color, I could spot couple grils on the street starring at it (I hope it was in a good way haha!). You can order it here.

But enough with the rambling, enjoy a douzen of pictures from Budapest and the last day of (this) summer!

Top: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Flats: H&M
Sorry for the scenery: I know it's full of people but, you see, as much as my family supports me with this it's one thing they don't have: patience. Therefore , my cousin Ioana (it's her birthday today, by the way) took a reasonable number of incredible photos but we had to be in continue movement because no one would have waited a second at least!

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12 comentarii

  1. purple and yellow are one of the best combinations ever!!! and your bangles are lovely!

  2. Nice photos. The building behind you look awesome!
    Nice comfy outfit :D

  3. Happy birthday to Ioana!
    You have such a lovely outfit, and the sceneries make it looks even more amaing.I myself have been in Budapest this summer and it is quite an interesting city.Have a lovely day!

  4. the first picture is beautiful, love the yellow bag :)


  5. I have to correct you, last post was written by me, not Mani. It's FASHION IMPERATIVE
    by Mani& Antonia.
    Thanks for your comment.



  6. marvellous! a lovely way to top off the summer, chilling with friends and doing brights. adore the bag.


  7. luv, luv, luv the bag!!! i hope you had a great time in budapest. . .


  8. wow. love the color blocking. some of the picture looks like editorial picture from magazines. keep up the good work.


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