Monday Muse: Carine Roitfeld

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Carine Roitfeld, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

One of the brilliant minds of fashion industry. She changed Vogue Paris completely, she has moved on and styled a campaign for Chanel , she has so many others plans and projects.
I love her work, you love her, yet what made me pick her for this week? I have read recently this incredible article , from Interview Magazine , where she has been interviewed by her dear friend, Karl Lagerfeld.

It is trully inspiring and it's such an amazing dialogue going between the them, you have to read it if you haven't got the chance yet! It's like an essential in the history of fashion. They talk about Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, fashion through ages, family, internet...

Clothing is always a tool that helps me take a picture. But it's never about the clothing.
~Carine Roitfeld 

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  1. She is great and amazing. :D

  2. just read it. wow. they almost seem to finish each other's sentences. they carry on great conversation with such ease.

  3. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!
    I'll follow you back. :)

  4. She always looks flawless!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  5. I think she is just so gorgeous and inspiring!



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