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I never break my promises, so I have to take my some extra time in this trip in order to update my blog.  I have arrived in Prague, and, as you all have said repeatedly in comments, it is BREATHTAKING!

Imagine just that me the shopaholic, I don't care anymore about the shop, but the streets&monuments I want to visit! And of course, the first outfit that I have worn here, had to match my new bag! That's right, the oversized clutch I was writing a while ago. Well, Wholesale team sent one to me for my birthday!

I have never received a bag as a gift until now, especially from a brand, and the wanted bag! It's amazing, I could swear it was leather when I have first seen it and the color is just what I have dreamed of! I can match it with denim, nudes, purple, all tones in!

Now, a picture overload, wearing:
Denim Shirt:  Zara
Maxi Skirt: Zara
Top: Zara
Owl clock: Gift from Simona

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7 comentarii

  1. Loving your blue bag and the owl necklace :)

  2. cute bag and bracelets... nice place also!

  3. hey, Prague!! my most fav city in my country;)
    you are so beautiful, love ur outfit, hun:))
    wonderful pictures:*

  4. love the whole thing...especially the watch! And what a setting!

  5. Oh, I love what you're wearing! And that's a pretty pretty place to be in

  6. You're so luck to be in Prague! I've been wanting to go there for so long, but I never find the time nor money :(


  7. ooo! this is one of my favourite outfits from you. the expert colouring and layering is amazing, I mean denim, bright blue a maxi skirt- your killing me here! have fun in this stunning place.


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