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2nd day of my trip

It was far more amazing than the first one since we got to visit the Prague Castle- meaning the complex with cathedrals , gradens , the Charles bridge, Loretto(St.'s Mary church) but also so tiring since we had to actually walk in order to visit them. 
I can barely feel my feet, but I  got rewarded at evening with a shopping session. As for the weather, it was purely perfect until it rained for like 2 hours.
As for my outfit, nothing special , I just had in mind "comfy" so this post is more about the sights!

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Motivi
Flats: Bata

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11 comentarii

  1. How absolutely beautiful! I must add this place to my "must see" traveling list! Love your outfit, so cute.


  2. such an amazing place, wish to go there...

  3. Indescribable beauty ♥

  4. i like your post and this concept blog.

  5. PS;

    I have a new blog lovely, have a peep and follow if you like. It used to be "cupcakeswithtea" but now it's "she's a maniac". :)


  6. lucky duck in such a lovely place :) the sights are so architecturally and historically gorgeous. even if comfy was on the brain, it made one cool outfit, the jeans are so sick!

  7. Oh yeah, Prague is wonderful city!! I love this place:) Tomorrow I'll go there:)) nice pictures!.)

  8. :) You look very cute - awesome t-shirt. Prague is such a great city.

  9. wowowo Prag!!! i love Prag!
    this city is in the near from my Home (in Germany) and is really really Wonderful!

    kisses & love from Germany


  10. everything look so beautiful!

    FASHION IMPERATIVE would love you to take part in our first giveaway! I'm sure you will like it!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.


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