'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes!!!

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I have to admit, I have been always neglecting my "shoe lover " side. And it felt awkward, because most of the girls put their shoes first, while I'd rather buy 3 T-shirts with the same money.  But it became clear to me that this should change, because shoes DO matter and they are an important part in your outfit!

This weekend I've been looking for some right shoes, heels wedges, flats and I finally managed to get some cute ones, which are totally a fit for my wardrobe!!! They're from Stradivarius and with this beige flower-y pattern.

How many pair of shoes should a girl have, in your oppinion?


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3 comentarii

  1. I absolutely love those shoes, sooo cute <3

  2. Those flats are wonderful! :)

    Steph from Chocolate Laced

    P.S. Your outfit posts are very chic!


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