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As  you all may have noticed, I usually like to talk a lot about life issues or challenges you sometimes confront as a blogger, because I feel many people are in the same situation.

So, what do people around you think when you decide to start a fashion blog? I must admit I was quite reserved at first, but  my friends and family turned out to be very supportive, so this is one of the many reasons I enjoy doing this.

Let's take as an example today. Today was a beautiful day and I decided to wear my new dress (the one I spend a FORTUNE on) from Orsay for a walk. The thing is I'm really obsessed with long skirts and maxi dresses at the moment, I bought in only one week 3 skirts and 2 dresses (including a lovely one from Asos) . What I really love about this one is that it has such a boheme allure, a little romantic and feminine at the same time.

Of course I had to post the outfit so my friends really helped me a lot -except the part with the ahem....special effects-. Therefore, don't be worried if you see some blured arm or a whole background. It was them :)

Take a look at what I was wearing:
Dress: Orsay
Bracelets: Accesorize
Bag: Accesorize
Jacket: Stradivarius
Sandals: Broadway NYC


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  1. You look stunning! I really like your blog, maybe you want to follow each other?

  2. Love this, a lot a lot a lot, especially the dress! so much, I are cute, and your blog is awesome) have a good day! You got a new follower

  3. Cute blog babe!!



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