Fancy Friday: Fancy Green!

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Summer trend report: wide leg pants+fancy green
Summer trend report: wide leg pants+fancy green by The Queen With No Crown- M. featuring a gray shirt

Okay, I thought of something different for this Friday's column! I was inspired by Polyvore's new contest,  Summer Trends and my mind went a little wild, as there are LOTS of hot items and trends for this summer. Colorblocking, we all know it. But I'm into a particular color at the moment, this special shade of Green. I know it's name in my native language, but it was really tricky to get to know what it's called like in English. Thank God there is such a marvolous thing as Wikipedia, because I was able to find out that it's a shade called: Paris Green. What could be more fashionable than this?

I chose to creat a set featuring my favorite Zara pants at the moment, also a super trend for the season: WIDE leg pants. By the way, I really loved's article about "We wear the pants". You may also remember one of my first posts, with me wearing some lovely wide leg jeans.

Oh, also, remember my post about lace? I've also created a pretty cool look with some lovely lace pants, check it out:

Lace Embrace!

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  1. love this color of green! Its so soft and summery!

  2. I like the green wide leg pants. I may need to get a pair

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