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Day 7 - My dear friend, Ana's necklace

When you own a fashion blog, you have to constantly think how to write about special things and you have to be careful how to re-invent yourself, through your outfits and looks. The pictures have to be high-quality and you mustn't write dull things, unless you want to make your blog seem stupid.

These are the things that I always have in mind, because all I really want is some amazing readers, who would give me feedback about my choices, plus I'm really a perfectionist by nature.

But this main theme...just me, myself & I and my constant source of inspiration, since I photograph anything fashionable whenever I have the opportunity. It may sound simple, but I really love it.

And by the way, anything you have to ask me, don't forget to FORMSPRING me or contact me through Twitter.

We shall begin with day one:

My friend's party, I was dressed in a Bershka lovely dress and I managed to do this gorgeous bow- it's once in a lifetime you nail a hair-do so easy !
Day 2:
Day with a colorful outfit. Only captured the lovely Stradivarius T-shirt and it's a pitty you can't see my pink eye-shadow and turqoise eye-liner.

Day 3:
Day 7:
Asos headband- bow shaped

Day 8(daddy's birthday): 
Day 9: My favorite socks, heart-shaped from Stradivarius


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6 comentarii

  1. cute accessories
    love the one on the first photo

  2. I love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  3. Such a lovely blog !!! FOLLOWED you back offcourse and thanks for your comment on my blog !!!


  4. good tips! and love all your accessories! and thankyou for becoming follower 2220!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  5. Thanks so much for the comment! Cute accessories!!!


  6. i love all your accessories! that owl necklace with the sparkling rhinestone eyes and the knitted maroon turban are awesome! =)


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