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We all have these clothes with magical power! How so or why? Well, they go for every season, for every style and you can easily match them with everything in your closet! I took some photographs with this particulr outfit because ALL of the pieces of clothing are already on the blog, but in different outfits, different styles and most important, I've worn those outfits in winter and spring.

I love my Zara maxi skirt forever, and they're such trends this summer, I also bought couple of maxi dresses and maxi skirts lately, as you might know. To be honest, this is such a comfy thing to wear, I put this toghether because I wanted to wear the necklace my mom gave it to me, and I thought it would stand out over some pink-creme tones.
Skirt: Zara
Top: Marks&Spencer
Flats: Zara
Necklace: Orsay
Watch: Fossil


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  1. Both the skirt and top are gorgeous basics and the necklace is super-adorable!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by, your comment was really encouraging and you've got a great blog too, I'd love to follow =]


  2. love your outfit, especially the flats
    you have a gorgeous blog, consider me your newest follower!


  3. Thanks for you comment :) You have a very nice blog and I really like this outfit, it looks really comfortable. I am now following and i'll put you on my blogroll.

  4. This is such a great outfit! I am going to copy it for sure! The necklace MAKES it!

  5. oh my god. i love this look. so less and so comfortable yet stylish. and you are looking so beautiful. hey i followed you ")


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