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“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Mark Twain


I constantly look and admire the fashionable people all around the blogosphere. One by one, they started with not many labelled clothes but now their passion and their style has been rewarded. Latest trends, latest shows, being a successful blogger and having a little luck gives you this pretty power and I really admire them from the deep of my heart for being able to achieve this!
But then there are fashion bloggers like me. Freshmen. I dream high, I get inspired by the people that had an amazing impact and revolutionized the fashion industry, and they're one of the reasons I keep doing this, because they're the constant reminder that some will succeed!
Then it would be the OBSESSION itself. How does your heart beats when you hear Anna Dello Russo has over 4000 pairs of shoes? My first thought was something like "When did she start to collect them? If I were in her house, would I get to see 2002 Prada shoes?" I want to say all my oppinions out loud, about models, editorials, magazines, JUST EVERYTHING. It's such a creative world, the fashion world and it gives me hope, inspiration and strenght to go on!My outfits speak,  I dream pieces esembled toghether that would make a statement, I try to picture how is the life of fashion editors or streetstyle photographers.
Let's not forget the feedback! It doesn't necessarilly feeds my ego, it assures me I made the right decission sharing my life online, offering entire hours of my life to make this right. Can you imagine that Alix (CherryBlossomGirl)'s blog was seen by Karl Lagerfeld and since then she is invited to Chanel shows?

I feel motivated and blogging gives me this energy, strenght, so I won't give up! Some inspirational photos:


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  1. I have started blogging myself too and I have EXACTLY THE SAME THOUGHTS. For three years, I have only been following these fantastic blogs. What I always tell myself these days, what keeps me going is the "fun" of doing it. You have to admit, it's so enjoyable especially when you really like it! :) And through that we express ourselves and hopefully we get to somewhere far.. to our dreams. :) We have to start somewhere.. then fly away. :)

    Okay, I should stop talking now, haha! :))

    Love your blog, I will definitely follow you! XX


  2. Great post. Very inspirational. Every popular blogger started small and for many of them it was perseveran that put them over the top. Love your blog and following you...



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