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I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! Sadly, there is school waiting for me so soon but that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep my columns updated. It's a lovely Monday and I feel my muse for today is...Sasha Pivovarova!

Her beauty is flawless, she is famous for being the image of Prada for 6 seasons but what really brought me into this? I received the April issue of Vogue Paris and she simply GLOWS in the "Green Girls" editorial. Also, Sasha has some strong oppinions in choosing her way of living , therefore she's been a vegetarian since she was 12! I found this quote which I simply had to share:

"Health & beauty is the same for me. If I'm not healthy, I'm not beautiful."

 Sasha Pivovarova

PS: Also, remember the visual diary she kept for Vogue Paris - which turned into a 6-pages spread? I previously wrote about it.


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  1. I love Sasha's quote on beauty and health. She is truly gorgeous. I don't think I'm up for becoming a vegetarian, but if it helps to become close to having flawless looks as Sasha Pivovarova,then I will eat more vegetables!


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