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Garance Doré is an amazing blogger and photograph, I am sure you all know! Anna Dello Russo herself discovered her blog and started to invite her at different fashion events. Well, Garance has recently posted on her blog her latest colaboration with Anna, for Vogue Nippon to be exact.

She geniously ilustrated "My Prints Charming" , among with the stylist Viviana Volpicella.  The model is Bianca Balti and I felt in love with this particular photo, where she is dressed in an AMAZING Jill Sander dress!
 That's how I picked the Fancy Photo this Friday! :)

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2 comentarii

  1. I love everything about this photo. The colours are beautifully striking. I am a huge fan of Anna.


  2. LOVE. anna and garance are both amazing. couldnt be a better combo

    mademoiselle mimi


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