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We all know from the catwalks, Vogue's, Style.com that HYPER COLOR is a massive trend for this season! In fact, I previously wrote about this if I remember right!

But this post, it's all about emphasizing a specific colorblock item: THE SHOES. That's right! Picture this: you are all dressed in creme, white, ivory , all feminine and you suddenly pop with some colored shoes! Or when you wear already a vivacious outfit you would attract the looks even more by wearing some funky coloured shoes!

They're so full of life, these shoes, and each pair tells a different story, they give you this certain allure of rebel/chic/funky/daring. However you think at this aspect,  you'll only end up by dreaming of a pair yourself, that if you can walk in those, of course!

Sadly, I only own a pair of flats, and I wore them the last whole spring but I'm not giving up on this idea! Call me crazy, but I   decided to dellay the plans of raising founds for a new camera so I can buy some precious POP colors shoes! You know, it's like that thing that a known person said once "Money doesn't buy you happiness, but I can buy candy with money which is basically the same thing". Same applies to me in some matter,s it's only we're talking about shoes!

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  1. ohhh lovely!!!

    I just discovered your blog and I;m glad! it is so cosy and nice around here!



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