Feeling all girlie like!!!

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 Nina Ricci limited edition perfume for Sephora, Accesorize bracelet
So sorry for my lack of posts, but I had some really rough days, and it all culminated with a very difficult exam. Anyways, I'm so happy it's almost holiday time!!!!!
Naturally, you get bored studying on and on so I took couple of photos in a break which really show my current mood. I feel like dressing up in pastels, dancing on fluffy clouds and being admired for my allure, by Nina Ricci. Yess, I could say that Nina Ricci's perfume line is DIVINE, also the cremes which really make my skin glow!
This post also reveals my secret love for cute little girlie things like the antique cristal lotus or my ballerina shaped accesory hanger.

"9. Walk like you’re Jesus crossing the red sea or Lara Stone walking for Dior."

Bissous, Mary

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  2. I miss your blog so much.

    I've never tried that perfume but it looks so lovely. Me too, I am loving girly stuff! I currently (and I think always will) like Lula-like things. :)



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