Give me Zara and honeysuckle so I can die happy

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Okay, you should know that from all the shops in the world, although I do like lots, I always end up in a Zara. Probably 85% of my clothes are from Zara so imagine my excitement as I just saw the new lookbook for this spring!

I love the idea they chose. No more crowded motives, accesories and all kinds of boots. Don't get me wrong! I've worn every  single thing I'm writing about it's just that I felt it's the time to get back to basic a little. Classy, fashionable, fabulous.

Last spring we had army, kaki and camel  AMAZING also but I felt the way I was dressing needed some life and this season is all about visual impact!

The white and cream tones are marvolous, especially the pants but I love the mix with colourful clothes! And by that I mean, of course, HONEYSUCKLE! Yet another retail brand to choose honeysuckle (I'm obsessed with it, I know) , and it's my favoruite one!

Do you like Zara? What are your thoughts about the new collection? What do you think about the BOLD pick of the colors?


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