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From left to right: Accesorize bracelet, Swatch watch, Fossil Bracelet
I felt like it's time for a more personal post, because you can't get me very well by looking at some pictures with Abbey Lee Keshaw, right? :D

Presenting my favourite jewelry at the moment seemed a good idea, so I quickly took a few pictures and there you have it! First of all, I wish I had a better camera. Ever since I got so addicted to all the fashion news, and trends and such I also took up photography as a hobby. But oh well, you can't do much with a SONY camera on auto mode :| That led me to Photoshop. I usually add the focalization and such on Photoshop and it pretty works for me, at least until I'll stop wasting all my savings on clothes and buy a decent camera.

First is my Accesorize bracelet. I got it on sales, 1 week ago and I can't go anywhere without it ever since. I love it's strong message, it's more like a charm bracelet. It also matches most of my outfits, as I went this winter for nude, creme, silver pink. 

Than it's my Swatch watch. I don't really look at it as a watch, but more like a jewerly because it's so classy and chic. I also got a matching ring (ha!). I wish I had the matched necklace too but I was running out of money and I got them (they cost me a little fortune!).

Last but not least, the Fossil bracelet. Originally, I saw the matching necklace from Fossil in a shop and I was so in love with it, because I though it was a bracelet. I was with my mom at that time and my name day was coming in few days. So mom told dad the shop where I saw a marvelous Fossil BRACELET and of course he brought me this. I still love it so much though, especially they got me the  necklace a couple months later, for Christmas.

These are the most valuable pieces I own, except from gold. They're from surgical steel, but I still love wearing all sort of bangles besides them.

What about you? What's your favorite jewelry?

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4 comentarii

  1. Hey!
    I really like your blog. You have great style of writing. ;)
    I love the accessories you showed. They're all in natural color that go with almost everything. :)


  2. Aw, thank you so so much! You made my day!

    Have a lovely evening, ~~Mary

  3. this is totally Awesome ..
    your blog .. the Subject .. Simply it's great
    i really don't know how i've reached your blog .. but i've bookmarked it .. and i'm so glad i did ^^ , the bracelets looks awesome especially the 2nd one .. keep it up <3

  4. hey dear, thank you for your sweet words;)

    mine must be a ring from my mom, it has sentimental value:)


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