She smiles!

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I admit , I love fooling around with my (OLD, LAME) camera so this picture came out pretty natural.  I was playing with my favourite eyeliner that my mate Silvia found for me in an eyeliner heaven. I was pretty lost, because I always get like the worst so she really saved me, thank youuu!

Of course, even if I have such a fancy makeup item that doesn't mean I'm actually able to use it haha

So the concept of this was pretty simple and totally unpredictionable. I had this mirror close to me and I wanted to take a glance at my "let's put some jewerly on the head" look , but I accidentally took a picture at the same time! Total luck, since I never look acceptable in pictures, as I look in this one.

In fact, I don't even know why I decided to post this but I'm just so happy right now from various reasons and I just feel that everyone should smile, at least one time in a day, no matter how rough or busy can life get!
Some of my favoruites "fashion smiles":


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