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I should write something here, right? Everyone does that at the begining. I don't wanna be like everyone, it's just that it would seen so rude...not introducing me.

Um...I guess you, dear reader, if you are somewhere out there have already figured out that I'm Mary and this is er...my FASHION BLOG. It sounds so weird, actually making a blog about it. The deal is that I'm so obsessed with fashion! I know, nothing new, there's thousands of fashion blogs owned by girls just like me or even more addicted. But I just couldn't take it anymore. I have knowledges, I love this ART I call fashion and since I can't found someone to really understand this, I came online. I want to talk and share my impressions and inspirations with EVERYONE.

How am I? God, I'm so random. I'm just a human I guess. I'm 15. I ramble a lot and write EVEN MORE. I get mad so easily and then I wanna made up. I'm aware I have brilliant ideas and that's probably the only thing I admire in my character. Well, I still got plenty of time to know myself, and this is an open invitation for you to get to know me better too :)


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  1. Foarte frumos blogul..Sper sa am timp sa-l descopar postare cu postare.Tine-o tot asa si cine stie ce vei face pe viitor :*


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