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Okay, you should know that I live in a small city from a pretty small country-Romania- so we don't quite have Vogue over here! (neither Zara !)

So, imagine my amazement as I see(in a another town, of course!) a real VOGUE- no, two real VOGUEs : Paris & British! I had to buy them both, I coudln't help it. It is true that I paid double because of the transport etc. but holding IT in your arms- for the first time- I can't even describe it properly! It's like you know you're apart from the fashion world now- where everyone understands your obsession and you feel this vibe from all the creative and talented people in the world.

Of course,  I had to share to share my comparission with someone and I felt this was the right place haha :)

Let's start with some criteria I'd like to note:

Cover:  British Vogue shows a calm and careless Victoria arching her perfect eyebrows. I always liked Victoria's sharp style and I don't think she is that posh and annoying as everyone thinks she is. Also, I'm a fan of her collections so far so I really enjoyed the interview and the portraits.

Vogue Paris wants to bring a little color in our life! Brand new trends people! What a better way than putting  Lara Stone on the cover, in a brilliant Gucci ensamblance?

Trends:  British Vogue: Amazingly pointed! I really know for sure what's in for this season!

Vogue Paris: I love the makeup trends because I really need good updates usually on this area! Also, I loved the editorial with bright&wild accesories and "EN VOGUE". The trends of the spring season haven't been literally pointed yet (I expect that from future issues, for sure!) but the HUGE pictorial definetely gives a clue for sharp eyes!
Same Jil Sander outfit, amazingly worn! Spotted: Daphe's skirt, the one that I fatured in the honeysuckle post! AWESOME!
Editorials: British Vogue: "Look forward"- Model: Freja Beha Erichsen - simply let me speechless!   "Best of British"- Model: Arizona Muse. I really loved the selection from the British Label clothes, maybe because I'm huge fan of couple designers.

 Vogue Paris: "Miss Vogue"  : PUNKY chic, urban, edgy! I loved it, but I felt it wasn't fitting the theme: for all the young women!

THE COLOSAL EDITORIAL: 65 pages spread, oh my, I ADORE it so much! Carine (her penultimate issue, I'm so sad about this!) chose only elite models like Lara, Daria, Natasha, Freja, Daphne, Saskia, Joan, Sasha, Arizona. I have to say I loved Natasha most, although Lara rocked that cover and all the looks!

"Forever Young"- a litte nudity in this to celebrate Gucci's 90th aniverssary!

Writing: We got an article about Sarah Burton in both issues! I have to say that I liked more the 4 pages interview from Vogue UK, although the pictures used in the Paris one were so impressive!
Actors: Vogue Paris features Collin Firth while UK picked James Franco. Both impressive columns!

We also find out about Olivier Theyskens's comeback and  accesories in transit from the second one, while  we have two remarcable pieces about ballet and Black Swan in French.

The Surprise Element: 

British Vogue: Alexa Chung interviews the great Christopher Kane and we have some details about "THE CULT OF THE MODEL"

Vogue Paris : "Secret Stories" by Sasha Pivovarova about the last fashion week she attended! Wow, I never knew she draws so amazing and take this lovely pictures!

So, after all this, I still can't decide my favorite! I love them both so much, because you can tell how much effort and creativity has been put in these! 

Back cover: Adds, I can't never get enough! Oh my, Rouge Coco is divine!

PS: Okay, maybe 65 page editorial made me like the Vogue Paris edition a LITTLE LITTLE more but shhhh!!!!..that's a secret!

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