Fancy Friday: Elie Saab Couture Spring 2017

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I remember like it was yesterday. I was 15, just discovering Tumblr, when I saw the most beautiful dresses! They were all designed by Elie Saab, and I knew that instant he would be my favorite evening dress designer for life. I don't mean to say there aren't many talented designers who make beautiful festive dresses, it's just that my heart beats differently when I see his creations. I think what really made me intrigued in the first place is that he didn't use to design wedding dresses, and there were some famous women in the industry who would wear his nude/pink/baby blue designs for their wedding, just so they could wear an Elie Saab dress on their big day! This is fortunately no longer the case ( not that I would be able to afford an Elie Saab dress ever) , there is a special bridal Elie Saab line nowadays.

I thought I could make your Friday better by sharing my favorite details from his Couture Spring 2017 show *sigh*. This particular collection is 100%  my style. I'm all about pink, nudes, pastels, sparkles, but I also go for playful looks (those fabulous sunglasses!). I will always admire his creations, in my eyes the Elie Saab House is ICONIC in the fashion industry.

Think you can handle so many beautiful clothes at once? It's art!

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