Fancy Friday: Spontaneous Trip

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♪ Drake - Do Not Disturb ♪

I wanted to post this week badly, but I'm having that time of the semester, where you have to take a test every single day. Well, in the middle of this mayhem, after taking one of the many, our group decided it was time for a break, a spontaneous trip! We've been planning to visit the Sturdza Castle for a while now, but somehow someone has to be busy every single time. Today we all felt we needed to put our daily life on hold, be it just for a few hours. Rash decisions make for good stories, you know it and I know it! It's these things you remember when you're old, not how much you scored on your test.

To emphasize Drake's new album/playlist/masterpiece: my 2017 spring is all about MORE LIFE

Super thanks to Codrina for taking these few precious snaps with the craziest wind!

French Connection Jacket (of my dreams, it's both floral and bomber!!) , Bershka top, Zara jeans, Nike shoes


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3 comentarii

  1. Love the floral bomber!


  2. Love love the bomber jacket! I never own a bomber jacket before maybe now its time to start investing on one :D

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